Current Projects

Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Stories about rituals and ceremonies.

Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Stories about masks and disguises.

Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Stories about opposites and dualities.

Winter 2017

Winter 2017

Our annual issue of flash fiction, prose poems, and other works that blur the lines between poetry and prose.

Mirror Dance



In 2008, Mirror Dance began as a free, online, quarterly magazine of fantasy fiction and poetry. Over forty issues, our focus has continued to drift towards the literary, the poetic, and the unconventional, with stories that range from the humorous to the horrific. Some of our favorite works are those that deconstruct fantasy tropes and reimagine myths, fairytales, and folklore.


We value the respectful representation of diverse cultures, heritages, sexual and romantic orientations, and genders, and actively seek work written from perspectives that are under-represented in genre fiction. Please check out our current issue and see our submission guidelines for more information.

Past Projects

Queers Destroy Horror!

Nonfiction Editor

Published in October 2015, Queers Destroy Horror! is a special issue of Nightmare Magazine that is edited, written, and illustrated by exclusively LGBTQIA creators. View a selection of the content online, or purchase the full issue in e-book or paperback.


Longlisted for the 2015 Otherwise Award.

Megan Arkenberg queers destroy horror


Historical Fiction


Lacuna began in October 2009 as a biannual e-journal of historical fiction with the mission of delivering well-researched, well-written, character-driven work that demonstrates an understanding of both history and human nature. After nine issues, our last issue was published in October 2013. 

Crimethink: Politics and Speculative Fiction

Essay Collection


Crimethink, compiled in 2010, is a collection of essays, articles, blog posts and reviews that explore the relationship between politics and literature of the imagination. All proceeds from the print edition go to Doctors Without Boarders.

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